Why Facial Oils?

Why are facial oils important to the overall skins health?

We naturally produce sebum in the skin to seal in hydration because all oils are hydrophobic. They keep skin soft and protect the stratum corneum ( top layer of skin) from environmental pollution. As we age the oils that we naturally produce decrease. Hydration is really a function of adequate water levels and is critical for the skin to function normally. Lack of hydration to the skin can lead to many other skin conditions such as un even skin texture, acne, wrinkles, dull color etc... One of the biggest misconceptions is that oily , acne prone skin types do not need any added hydration such as oils or water based moisturizers ,which is the farthest from the truth. When the skin lacks lipids and water it goes into fight or flight mode and over produces for what its missing.

Why CRx CBD facial oil?

Look to the restorative powers of our facial oil to help nourish and deeply condition skin.Our formula has a base of luxurious, powerhouse, organic oils. All clean ,pure ,and natural. Some of our highlighted ingredients are hemp seed extract, jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil ,and carrot essential oil. Together this plant based oil blend works to keep skin looking smooth and supple with a healthy naturally radiant glow. It protects, renews skin tone, and promotes a more youthful appearance with luminous vitality by addressing concerns like, dullness ,dryness , and hyper pigmentation.

Goal: Balance the hydrolipidic film and create a healthy barrier.

The basic idea is that putting an oil on your face will help supplement the natural oils your skin does or doesn't produce in an effort to retain the hydration levels and help rebalance the barrier that keeps moisture locked in the skins layers.

When should you use it? Skincare products should be used based on thickness and molecular weight ,so facial oils come last in your routine.

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