AM Vs PM Skincare Routine

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

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When faced with the massive array of available skincare products in all their many categories the idea can be challenging to know what to use. If your not a skincare junky or a licensed professional things like when and how to use products might be a daunting process.

Many people don't realize that the vast majority of facial skincare should be done at night before you go to bed. WHY?! because skincare is most effective at night. This is because the skin absorbs and replenishes while you sleep. When you remove the day away and care for your skin with quality skincare products all that good stuff is absorbed and used by the skin to rejuvenate while you get your zzz..

PM skincare routine should include..

Cleanse(double cleanse if you have makeup or SUPER oily skin)

Exfoliate(1-3 times a week)

Treatment mask (1-3 times a week)


Treatment Serum(2-4 times a week)


In the morning you'll keep it light because you've done all the important stuff at night.

AM skincare routine should include..

Gentle cleanse


Hydrating serum



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