Go away, Maskne!

Masks have become a part of our everyday attire. And unfortunately, with that comes acne. “Maskne” is officially known as acne mechanica, a skin condition caused by extended wear of facial personal protective equipment. This is because masks cause heat,friction, and the pores aren't allowed to breathe for extended periods of time.

We get it, it’s really frustrating. No one likes acne, and maskne feels like an uphill battle! So, what can you do to help prevent it?

  • Wear a fresh disposable mask daily

  • Wear a moisturizer daily. It acts as a barrier between your mask and face.(Stay away from facial oils in your AM routine)

  • Say farewell to your foundation! No one is going to see much of your face anyway, so ditch the makeup to prevent any additional pore-clogging.

  • Another trick is applying your make-up from the eyes up.

  • If your wearing makeup PLEASE double cleanse

  • Make sure to wash your mask regularly if you use a reusable mask. Not only is this important for preventing maskne, it’s important for your health, too!

  • Oily, Normal, and combo skin types exfoliate daily with a gentle exfoliant.

Exfoliation is KEY to keeping to maskne at bay. Check out our products great for "maskne"

  • Turmeric Clay mask

  • Pomegranate peel

  • REFRESH oil cleanser (for your 1st cleanse)

  • GREEN Clay mask

* Avoid over exfoliation. That can leave the “raw” and lead to more breakouts and other skin concerns.

Thank you for reading,


CRx Skincare

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