Our philosophy is based on two simple principles:




Clean skincare 






Less chemicals = more actives



Accessible to everyone







Healthier skin= happier you


Our Story 


CRx skincare is a small batched skincare company formulated by a Licensed Esthetician. All of our products  are cruelty free, natural and free from any added dyes, fragrances ,any highly irritating or harmful ingredients. 

Chief C went through her own struggles of "bad skin" in her mid twenties. She was in school at the time so money was tight.She tried using over the counter products, but they either didn't work or she had a adverse reaction to them.She went down the route of smaller more natural skincare but the prices were too high, and she couldn't afford to continue purchasing them. She decided to educate herself on product ingredients and the chemistry behind it to help her in her journey , and thats when CRx was born. She is passionate about creating a clean skincare brand that is as transparent as its ingredients.

Taking care of the largest organ of your body should be a priority ,so were here to make it easier for you!